Do You Have An Agile Service Management?

Three years from now, in 2023, 80% of ITSM teams that have not adopted an agile approach will find their ITSM practices are ignored or bypassed as a result of more agile ways of working being adopted elsewhere in the organization (,,,Gartner,,, ,,,Gartner ,,Report: 3 Steps to Agile IT Service Management, Mark Cleary, 27 May 2020). […]

Il est temps de miser sur des processus modernes de gestion des services

Les processus ITSM modernes on été le sujet principal webinaire qui a eu lieu le 26 mai 2020, alors que la majorité des entreprises du Québec se trouvaient, comme le reste du monde, plongées dans l’incertitude du ralentissement économique. Nous vous invitons à visionner cet enregistrement si vous êtes curieux de découvrir pourquoi, dans ce […]

Est-ce le temps de délaisser la formalité pour l’agilité ?

Est-ce le temps de délaisser la formalité pour l’agilité ? C’est la question qui a été répondue lors du webinaire qui a eu lieu le 13 octobre 2020. Nous vous invitons à visionner l’enregistrement pour découvrir les bases fondamentales de la pratique et leur application concrète sur le terrain. Présenté en collaboration par IT Chapter […]

Start with Gartner ITSM Tools Magic Quadrant 2020 to select your ITSM Tools

If your organization is looking to implement a new ITSM Tool, or not happy with the current one and in a process of comparative research, here are some recommendations. To start with, download the ITSM Tools Magic Quadrant 2020 and be informed about market leaders. However, be aware that the risk of selecting an ITSM […]


Svetlana Sidenko was a storyteller at the BRMConnect 2020 conference. This blog is based on the content of her presentation. Re-defining the role of the Business Relationship Manager in a context of organization’s rapid evolution towards product-centric operating models is increasingly needed. Establishing and clarifying the role of the BRM is not a new topic, […]


By Svetlana Sidenko IT Service Management in a “new normal” The first quarter of 2020 will be collectively remembered for years to come and the events happening today are now part of human history. In fact, the before and after pandemic are already reference points in time. In less than a week, those who still […]

Proactivity in IT

Written by David Lareau In my last article I spoke about left shift during development process. This principle means that tasks performed upstream are more efficient, more profitable than when they are done in reaction. The same shift left principle applies to support: allow level 1 teams to resolve incidents that are usually resolved by […]

How could ITSM contribute to the purpose of any business: profitability

Written by David Lareau Are IT services just cost items? Can they contribute to the organization’s profitability and competitiveness by making it more agile, faster, lighter? IT is sometimes perceived as a controlling business function, difficult to change and therefore a blocker to the company’s efforts to evolve. What if we made the effort to […]

ITIL® 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value

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