Written by David Lareau

In my last article I spoke about left shift during development process. This principle means that tasks performed upstream are more efficient, more profitable than when they are done in reaction. The same shift left principle applies to support: allow level 1 teams to resolve incidents that are usually resolved by higher level of support, reduce costs by improving documentation, enable self-service tools, scripts, automation, training, auto-healing and proactivity in general.

It is known that the cost of a support ticket opened at level 1 (helpdesk), which then passes to level 2 and settles at level 3 is much more expensive than a ticket settled using a self-service tool (commonly called level 0). Now, imagine an investment in prevention (level -1) to ensure that the incident ticket is avoided. A dollar invested in prevention is inversely proportional to the profit it generates.

The efforts to act proactively in IT must be put into:

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