If your organization is looking to implement a new ITSM Tool, or not happy with the current one and in a process of comparative research, here are some recommendations. To start with, download the ITSM Tools Magic Quadrant 2020 and be informed about market leaders.

However, be aware that the risk of selecting an ITSM Tool which would not fit your organization is high. By 2022, 90% of organizations will invest in an ITSM tool without first factoring in their maturity, and as a result, fail to obtain the ROI (Gartner, “The Reality of ITSM Tools as Enterprise Service Management Tools”, 2019). According to Gartner, the current market for ITSM tools includes more than 450 products at various levels of maturity and capability (read about the ITSM Tools Gartner review here). On one side, this saturation makes it difficult for ITSM tools vendors to grow their market share, on another hand it makes it increasingly complicated for organizations to compare, choose and purchase the right tool with right combination of features and functionalities. There is another recent phenomena in the ITSM Tools space: vendors are “re-branding” their core ITSM offerings, adding functionalities covering Enterprise Service Management, Enterprise Agile Planning, Collaboration, CRM, Project Management, and other. With these additions choosing becomes even harder, as organizations do have other needs than ITSM and acquiring a ‘mini-suite’ of features on top of ITSM core functionalities is appealing. The success in ITSM Tools selection and implementation comes to those who meticulously study their ITSM needs, compare options and weight them based on their organizational priorities. Also, organizations should thoroughly evaluate their actual and target organizational ITSM maturity for a period of 3 years. Acquiring an advanced, mature, and versatile ITSM Tool for an organization with a basic level of ITSM maturity yields in lost investment, while acquiring a low maturity, basic ITSM Tool for an organization with advanced ITSM maturity results in a loss of opportunity. Moreover, there is a wide spectrum of mismatches in between these two extremes.

At IT Chapter we offer a unique approach in ITSM Tools selection and implementation, where we guide our clients step by step in understanding what they need and how to invest in a right-sized ITSM solution with optimized value from the investment. Our base recommendations in your ITSM Tools selection are:

Please contact us if you are searching for more advices on how to select and implement your ITSM Tools, we are here to help!


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